Simple Network Starter on a NeXTStation (NS 3.3)

Started by dylanmcnamee, November 16, 2019, 11:46:48 pm

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I'm trying to make it so my NeXTStation doesn't wait forever for a Netinfo server, so I thought I'd make it a master. I'm running Simple Network Starter from my root account - launches fine, but oddly doesn't fill in the IP address correctly (the hostname is right). When I try to configure anything, and click "Configure", it immediately quits, and no action seems to have taken. Is there a trick to getting Simple Network Starter going?

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello Dylan:   Here is a good FAQ on how to configure a cable modem   , We also have the system admin manual on line   and I installed the documents om the drive under NeXTlibrary bookshelves  ..... be sure to have the password set for root or everything goes haywire before networking! I also sell the orginal neXT Network and system admin manual for $25 or the set of 4 NSA ,set up and tutorials, applications, users reference for $75 Best regards Rob Blessin
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