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my apple collection

Started by applefreak, October 09, 2006, 01:18:01 pm

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Quote from: "slomacuser"how do you "run" the 110V machines??

for the 110 V powered machines i use transfos, 220V > 110V
or for the apple II's and lisa i change the power supply
for so far i can still get the replacement


new for the collection : Apple IIe Platinum

Professional computer
original boxed
boots and runs fine

i am pleased to have one in the original box


-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


new for the collection

Apple IIgs upgrade

had to replace the apple II housing and the reset key


next one

Apple III
(bought from first owner)
a lot of software, external floppydrive, documentation

(i had the Profile already )

System demonstration
4. Apple /// Graphics Show

also tested Visicalc
Advanced Version (Visicorp)

runs smooth


Looks impressive, indeed...

I just got my Apple //e today along with the original DuoDisk and Green / Black Monitor from Apple. Upgraded with the RAM extension to 128 kb, Z80 and TV card and the keyboard cover, tons of diskettes (Flight Simulator II Version 2.0 from 1984 for example) and some original boxings (monitor & accessory kit). I don´t know much about the machine´s others features until now but it´s from the first owner (who has forgotten quite a lot...)



finaly solved the "lack of space"

i recently bought a showroom, with extra rooms for storage or workspace
but there are still some renovation to do, as usual with old buildings

the idea


nice :D

dumb question, would you want a Macintosh SE upgraded to 4mb of RAM, original mouse/keyboard/carrying case/books, original 20mb hdd that still works fine. running OS 6.x?

Taking up room right now :) I was toying with buying a NIC for it and screwing around online... but...


Beauty Apple ///.  That is one of my all time favs (it's the computer that Flin uses in Tron... classic flick).  Good work keeping these systs safe.  Hats off to you, sir.

Turbo Color slab NS 3.3

"a little rebellion now and then is a good thing"
- Thomas Jefferson


Hmmm no wonder I can't find any used TAM's over here...  :D  Nice collection btw.

A showroom would be nice I just have my collection spread all over creation, tough to display properly.



Good lord, do all those Mac Portables work? nice collection :)


Quote from: "helf"Good lord, do all those Mac Portables work? nice collection :)

The top three are in mixed states of repair. All have working motherboards, the backlit has a snapped ribbon cable so no display, the 2 others are missing hard drives. The rest are working. I also have three complete Portables in their cases hiding further back on that shelving unit next to a G3 B&W.

These were all rescues from the dumpster, it's truly amazing how much old computer equipment goes to the landfill around here..... :(

You have very very good eyes!


awesome :)

Yeah, I wish companies would suck up the expense and just recycle the blasted things, if nothing else. I've rescued, recently, several SMP p2 and p3 machines from a local dumpster. All work fine. Farmed them off to people I know already.


Stop it! STOP IT!

I'm going to need new pants. @_@

EDIT: Hey, you have an ANS as well!

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


Oh oh, sorry about that!

Yes that is an ANS, fully functional with an install of AIX (sorry Jenne I still have to get you those disks). You have good eyes as well!

I guess I better not show you the rest of the stuff upstairs..... :twisted:

Ahhhh ok here's a my backup workstation....... there are a few oddballs in that pic too.......