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my apple collection

Started by applefreak, October 09, 2006, 01:18:01 pm

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No, haven't maxed it out, RAM modules are missing :-( Anyway, which cobalt are You interested in? All three?



Quote from: "Jenne"No, haven't maxed it out, RAM modules are missing :-( Anyway, which cobalt are You interested in? All three?


Oh nooooooooo.......! I think the cost of shipping would be brutal granted an ANS from over here to you would be even more exciting.

I was pulling apart my 6360, I think it has the same board as your 5400. I had thought I was able to run two 128MB dimms in it but it only sees 128MB so guess the most is two 64's.

I remember installing the TB/Video system and MPEG kits from the LC 630

in my 6360, so these were all built in on the 5400. Interesting... did it also have the comm slot ethernet card?

Just missed out on an LC 630 DOS for $25, but shipping will be as much or more for the thing up to Canada. Hmm like I really needed it!


I forgot that I had this, the ultra rare Cobalt Toaster....


omg, work? a radio toaster.. that is blue. i want that.


Hi yes it works, I haven't actually toasted anything in it though. Radio works ok, it's not great in that it has no frequency scale! You basically set the station by pushing the buttons on either side of the volume knob on the bottom.

It's fairly current, lots of them on amazon.com though I found this one at a local second hand store. Paid $4 for it, didn't make the connection with the cobalt cube until last night....

Link here http://www.geekalerts.com/kenwood-radio-toaster/ though most pix I've seen are of the silver version and a red one. This wasn't painted so they must have made these cobalt blue ones as well.

The colour of this toaster looks to be really close to that of the Cobalt Cube though I don't have a Cube to compare it too.

The lady at the second hand store didn't realize it was a radio and a toaster, it is pretty neat. Never seen another one like it yet.



recently, i acquired some extra apple stuff
among others
a Woz signed Disk II
Apple IIc (azerty) with original boxes of the monitor and stand
Apple II europlus in very nice and working condition
Apple Tape Backup 40SC (macintosh system 6)


Better check the condition of the pinch roller on that tape drive. I didn't and it disintegrated while attempting to read a tape and I had to rig up a replacement.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram



finally, got it :

Apple IIe with Profile,  original software and documentation
works fine,

10 MB Profile, model  A9M0100

Apple II Interface card (1984)

rom 341-0299

addition :
an 'Apple II interface (1983)' with rom 341-0271 can only read/write the 5MB profile


-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


Quote from: "applefreak"for you all, a..

Very impressive! Can we see the time machine?
NS TurboColor,  SparcStation 5, Ultra 10, Octane SSI, HP 9000 C110, AlphaStation 200, Apple IIgs|IIe|IIc, Amiga 500+|600|1200, Commodore 64|128


a PowerBook 1400cs with a solar panel cover

Apple 2008 : Solar Cells on Portable Devices



Wow ! it's really a nice hobby, The collection of these computers is really great. There is need of much passion to do so.