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my apple collection

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coprocessor card Stellation TWO

included are the invoice (3-24-1984 $210.94), the card, the documentation guide and the S-C Macro Cross Assembler

all that was needed to create 68000 programs to run on the Apple II.

Stellation two McMill Ad


Apparat Prom Blaster, 28 pin


the ITT 2020 model 1978 acquired this one early 2007


the ITT 2020 model 1979, good shape and working

at the bottom right : Apple system
ITT 2020, Apple II  clone licensed by Apple

an apple II clone, Formosa LM 8000

serious 'yellowed', but working


European Apple II clone

full size images :
-1- -2- -3- -4-

rather a plump desktop, due to the 14 slots

Apple originally sued Pearcom, challenging the firm's use of a pearshaped logo and the name pear II.
By changing its name and logo, Pearcom convinced Apple to drop the suit.
Source: Apple look-alikes: Ace, Basis, B&H, Pearcom


The pearcom....didn't i see this featured on RetroMacCast?
Mr. Intel

Sun SPARCstation 20: LuBu OpenMagic 1.1 (OpenStep On Solaris)


they mentioned in the episode 170: lots o' slots,  in ebay finds, the sale of the pearcom

first searched some additional info
won the ebay bidding

made photos 'right out the shipping box'
and uploaded the photos at retromacast & here


You can only wonder what kind of enhancements you can do with 14 slots.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


latest find (for a song) :

IIgs rom3 and peripherals, all original boxed
manuals, books, custom documentation


and more ....
- original systems and software, 5.25 floppys and 3.5 disks
- RAMKeeper (Applied engeneering), boxed, User's Manual
- RAM/GS 4MB card,  boxed
- IIgs memory expansion card, 1 MB
- Apple High Speed SCSI, boxed, Data Transfer Rate: IIgs 1Meg / Sec, DMA (Direct Memory Access) compatible, Owner's Guide
- Apple SCSI card, Data Transfer Rate: 128-256K / Sec
- ZipGSX (v1.2) card,  info
- Apple II 3.5 disk controller card,   Specifications, Owner's Guide
- Apple II Super Serial Card, boxed

- Apple BCD interface rev A,  0925-54117 U-Microcomputers  ..... ? ?   measuring ?  photo
HCF4042BE .... Quad D-Type Latch - DIP16
HCF4049UBE .. Hex Buffer/Inverter - DIP16
HCF4050BE .... Hex Non-Inverting Buffer/Converter - DIP16
HCF4051BE .... 8-Channel Multiplexer - DIP16
HCF4075BE .... Triple 3-Input OR Gate
HCF4508BE .... Strobed hex inverter/buffer
.......0925-54117 = telephone number......

- extra, a IIgs rom1
- Imagewriter II

- shoeboxes full of 3.5 disks ......... to sort and verify


something is wrong with this analog board (colour classic)
the fuse melt immediately after power up



my Apple III software and documentation, WAP DVDs
English and French

pdf - Apple III adv
The Apple III Personal Computer System
For The Professional


the front of the Apple III, mostly brown, but there are also monitors with a grey front

the one above is also a A3M0024 monitor
both :
Made in Japan
distributed by
Apple Computer Marketing B.V.
Zeist -  The Netherland

There were two versions, the original used the chocolate brown accent coloring of the Apple /// and a revised version released with the Apple ///+ using the lighter khaki color which was used across most of the Apple & Macintosh product line.


Apple III power supply, replaced the 'big condo' and the C15

The big condo by BC 220n K 630

the power supply in hi-res


hi-res 1

hi-res 2

hi-res 3

PowerBook G3 1997, iBook G3 2003, Powerbook G4 2004
M3553, A1005, A1010
Kanga, P73D, Q54A

List of Apple codenames


my latest find, bought from first owner of Belgium

Apple Lisa XL , serial number A4282221, manufactured 4282 - 8 october 1984
a stock mac XL 1MB ram, H/88 - screen 90x60 dpi - roms 341-0175-H in socket at D13, 341-0176-H in socket at D14

- disconnected the widget drive, started up in built-in service mode to test the system
- replaced the floppy drive with a repaired one
- tested with the 10MB widget drive, no boot  
- unable to repair the HD

original disks in package
Lisa Office System release 3.0 package,
disks arranged
all disks

azerty keyboard

as extra 2 boxes, one sealed, AppleTalk M2010Z