your thoughts on the future viability of the oo os?

Started by weps, October 19, 2006, 01:02:04 am

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part of what brought me here is the belief there is still nothing current or on the horizon (that i'm aware of) that can create a "better" operating system than the oo nature of nextstep. imo, if not for the big developer and consumer revolt forcing apples hand with all that carbon crap and familiar finder bs, we'd basically be looking at a technologically updated version of openstep as apples flagship os right now. actually, in many ways, trying to determine if that may still be the plan.

i looked over some of the objc2.0 stuff from wwdc and it certianly seems as if they are supporting it and planning to introduce all kinds of modern ideas. with a critical mass of developers using it, and a gradual acceptance by consumers, would it be a viable direction? it seems to me that even for a 19 year old os, many of the core concepts are still useful.