LuBu OpenMagic: Openstep 1.1 on Solaris 10

Started by itomato, October 22, 2006, 09:24:01 pm

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Depending on your model card, maybe..

Some of them use a bunch of SiS chips, some have ESS and Intel, and most have an AMD processor, which itself shouldn't pose a problem.

The newer versions with mobile AMD processors and USB would be tricky, I think.

I have never used one, but I can imagine the SunOS-mediated floppy and hard disk interfaces layers to be a big hurdle.


Thanks itomato, I shall try my hand at building something from source :)

I've also been thinking about Openstep on the SunPCi as there is a 400 MHz card in my Ultra 60. I'll have a go when my second drive arrives this week.

I recently swapped out the single 360Mhz processor for 2 450Mhz and it's still not blistering, but Slowlaris has definitely sped up (a little). Now to max the RAM ...


yeah, the emulation for the cd and hard disk is a sticking point. installed a sunpci IIpro and found that it wasn't the simple sbc that I initially thought it was. I read in the linux install faq that there may be access to an onboard IDE controller... anyone know if any of the boards had accessible IDE ports or if anyone ever successfully used the ide headers on the board?

sadly, I wish OS would run on solaris x86/x64... my phenom nexenta machine runs so much faster than any other os I've had on it, that I believe the openstep apps would open seconds before I clicked on them. :)


LuBu Openmagic 1.0 (1.1?) is up on GitHub now.

I exploded the tarball and pushed the files to a repo as insurance against bitrot.


Is Project Builder and Interface Builder included?