NeXTbus Development Kit

Started by Nitro, December 26, 2005, 07:55:11 pm

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Just thought I'd post some pics of a new-old stock NeXTbus Development Kit that I recently purchased.  I'll scan the documentation when time permits.



Wow, nice collecting thingy. I would love to have it, even if i never do some programming on NeXTbus....


Do you have any plans to develop any hardware for use with the NeXTbus?  I'm a computer engineer who's been trying to get any technical information on the NeXT and it's interfaces.  Please post more information as time permits!


It would be fun to develop an inexpensive method of adding color to a NeXTcube, maybe through a PCI video card or?  I have zero knowledge and experience designing electronics, so I really can't do much with the kit.  I just wanted to look through the documentation.  One obstacle I see with designing new hardware for the NeXTbus is the need to communicate through the custom NBIC chip, which is no longer in production.  Maybe there's a way around that.


an NBIC chip is needed for the NeXTbus card as well as the logic board?, I thought it was only required for the logic board.

Hmm, that does pose a problem.
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You need NBIC only on the processor board.


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Nitro has placed pictures of the expansion board prototype I bought from an ex-NeXT engineer in the archives.

This PC board is different from the other NeXTbus Development Kit in that it  has a silkscreen and U1 and U2 chips instead of the NBIC chip and socket.


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Hy Nitro,

Thank you for the documentation about the NeXTBus you have posted.

In the NeXTBus Development Kit.pdf  page 1-1 there is a floppy containing the BusProbe application.
Could you put the floppy on ?

In your photo of the NeXTBus kit I can see two boards : the most an a smaller with chips on it, could you say more about this ? what is it ?

If you sell your kit contact me.