Desktop recording in NeXTStep

Started by Shuren, October 31, 2006, 11:08:47 am

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I'm new to this forum, but already I am lurking in it :)

I have a NeXTstation Mono, and I would create some video tutorials during using it.
The first idea was to take screenshots every time and then make an animated GIF image. But can't help me to do it automatically. Is there another snapshot program or a way to loop grabbing in
Next, searching on web, I found the application designed for desktop recording, WatchMe (, but I had two troubles. The first one is that it is a trial version: contact Otherwise was unfruitful:
Quote from: "in the asking mail received from Otherwise"
I'm afraid I can't help you get out of "trial" mode.  I no longer  
have any of the equipment that could generate a license for you to  
The second problem is that WatchMe saves his tapes in a proprietary format and I can't open they in my other machine with Linux. Response about this from Otherwise:
Quote from: "in the asking mail received from Otherwise"
There is also no way I know of to convert to a more modern  

Now I have only two ideas:
1) try to use WatchMe Intel binary in a GNUStep/Linux environment
2) search for a way to take PostScript snapshot directly from Display PostScript.

Thank you for reading and for hints :)