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Forum Interruption

Started by Nitro, May 23, 2017, 07:15:04 am

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The forums were down yesterday due to the fact that our web host GoDaddy decided to move to a new server without any prior notice.  When migrating the forum database they fumbled the ball and corrupted the data.  I restored the database from a backup that I made two days ago.  That means that any posts that were made yesterday or today are nothing but ones and zeros on the floor.  You'll have to repost anything that was posted during the past few days.  Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience.


Thanks Nitro for bringing the forum online again. It is unbelievable how unprofessional GoDaddy acts.


Got to love offsite backups!!!

Thanks for keeping the lights on for our small group!
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Nitro, I don't know anything about the current setup (e.g., monthly cost, specs of the hosting system, traffic levels), but I've had very good success with my VM at DigitalOcean.  I get a VM with 2 CPU cores and 1GB RAM for $10/mo.  30GB storage space, and 2TB monthly transfer.  If you'd be interested in trying that out, use this referral link to get some free usage time:

And, DigitalOcean hosts their own DNS, so I was finally able to move away from GoDaddy's DNS servers.  Man, what a relief that was.
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