Boot issue after clearing netboot info

Started by llabrie, January 20, 2007, 07:35:56 pm

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Hi I have a NeXT Station Mono 25MHz 32mb 2gb OS 4.2

I was having the problem of having to hit control c every time booting.
So found instructions on this forum on how to clear the netboot info with

boot to singleuser mode bsd -s

cd /etc
rm -rf hostconfig netinfo
cd /use/template/client/etc
cp -rp hostconfig netinfo /etc

reboot should get keyboard config screen

Instead I get "in a window"
Select the NEXTSTEP software you want to install on your hard disk. Then click the install button.
NEXTSTEP Software Packages
OPENSTEP Essentials
<do not localize>
"Both checked"
No Packages are Available
Quit or Install

If I choose install its done in a second "because its already installed"
then gives me a message it will reboot remove any floppy disks.
After rebooting and a long wait and hitting control c and a long wait I get
the exact same thing this will go on over and over "tryed several times"
If I hit the quit button it says OPENSTEP has not been installed yet. If you quit now, you will have to repeat the installation procedure. cancel Quit.
I hit quit and it goes blank a few seconds and I go right back to the same thing "Install NEXTSTEP"

I was able to boot into singleuser mode and found a copy of the hostconfig file but not the netinfo file. I am still getting the same thing. I do have a complete backup on the orignal drive that came with it and an external HD I could swap it into but it's a pain to do.
I was hoping someone would have a quick fix I could do from singleuser mode.

Please help


Well being impatient as I am I swapped my drives around and copied the original files back to my newer larger drive. Swapped them back and YES!!!
It booted correctly.

Well it booted the way it has since I received it. I still have to press control c to finish the boot. but at least I have a working system again.

So does anybody know what went wrong? Why this didn't work for me when it appears it has worked for many others?

And is there another way I can fix this netboot thing? Cant I just reconfigure it with the Hostmanager app?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also since I cloned my orig. drive to the larger one BackManager is asking me to register it I can just skip it and it works fine.

Also OmniWeb 2.7 crashes when it trys to access a web site  trying to install OmniWeb 3.1... now I downloaded it with my Mac and FTPed to my Mac to get it. so networking is working.



I am now posting from my NeXT computer!! YES!!
I installed OmniWeb 3.1rc1 and it works perfectly now.:)


I was able to fix the netboot problem by just editing the current configuration. Using the NS_CableModem.pdf and Next Admin book as a guide. I had to reboot a few times as some info wouldn't save at first as it was trying to contact the master netinfo server. but after a couple reboots I was able to get it all changed and I now have a graphic boot all the way to the login window without having to press c or control c in the middle of the boot up. And I am on my network and connecting to the internet thru my Mac that is sharing its dialup internet connection. &quot;SLOW&quot; but I will soon have high speed cable internet within a week. And then I will have to make a few changes once I get that because I will then be using my router. But it will be worth reconfiguring all my computers for the massive speed increase I will get.  :)
I have been able to solve alot but not without all the info I have gotten from reading thru here. Thank you all. this is a great forum. The one problem I have thats not really a big problem just a little anoying is the window that pops up when I first login about Backmanager being unregistered as I said I can just press skip and it works fine. But it wasn't doing this on the orignal hard drive.I could live with it the way it is unless someone knows how to fix it?