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Started by mgtremaine, March 07, 2007, 04:53:56 pm

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I'm slowly getting my box together they way I like it. One of the things I'm working on is "uname", I've seen a few uname solutions out there for NeXTSTEP but I've decided to just roll my own. One thing that would be helpful would be if someone would be willing to post the output from "hostinfo" run under Openstep so I can see the difference. [Also "arch" and "machine" would be good.]

Should look something like this.

mgt@betelgeuse ~ [9] hostinfo
Mach kernel version:
        NeXT Mach 3.3: Tue Jul 13 10:33:44 PDT 1999; root(rcbuilder):mk-171.14.obj~22/RC_m68k/RELEASE_M68K

Kernel configured for a single processor only.
1 processor is physically available.
Processor type: MC680x0 (68040)
Processor speed: 33 MHz
Processor active: 0
System type: 5
Board revision: 0xf
Primary memory available: 64.00 megabytes.
Default processor set: 42 tasks, 67 threads, 1 processors
Load average: 0.00, Mach factor: 0.99

Thanks, when I'm done I'll post the uname source for those who want it.