Complete Cube System and Peripherals for sale

Started by karenwally, January 15, 2006, 05:56:29 pm

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Hello NeXT enthusiasts!

I am offering to the highest bidder a working NeXT Computer with peripherals, software and documentation.  

This beautiful system was treasured by my late grandfather.  He purchased the hardware in 1992 and was the sole owner until I inherited and boxed up all the components.  He kept meticulous records on all the hardware and software.  I will include his notebook in the package.  All the cords are original; the CD Rom drive is complete with its tray.  Laser printer has both its paper tray and output tray.  All the components are in working order as far as I can tell. I have just turned on the machine and played around on it.  All is well.

He used the computer lovingly and the system is nearly flawless.  I have one original box and styrofoam packing for the printer.  The manuals are original and complete but sport some noticeable wear and tear.  He might have written a few notes inside the manuals - I see evidence on the cover of one.

He loved this computer and I am hoping to sell it to someone who will enjoy the entire package.  See the inventory below and I have photos for interested buyers.  I will ship anywhere from California - but please be prepared to pay for the shipping cost and insurance.  Reply with your questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Hardware & Peripherals
NeXT Cube 16MB /400HD
---NeXT power cord
NeXT 17" MegaPixel Monochromatic Display
---NeXT monitor cord
NeXT keyboard
NeXT mouse
NeXT Laser Printer 400 dpi with original box and packing material
---NeXT Power cord
---NeXT Printer plug
NeXT External CD Rom Drive
---Complete with CD Tray
---NeXT power cord
---HP Cable SCSI 2 to SCSI 1
ZyXEL Modem
---User Manual
---Black phone cord
---ZyXEL power adapter
---PS/2 plug to computer

WriteNow 2.0
OpenWrite Commercial Version
SuperDraw 4.0
Nextstep 3.3
The Tools of Enterprise
Mathematica Version 2.0 / 2.2 and 2.2.1
3D reality


I have collected several Next systems. What are you asking for this one?



I'm french. I search a complete cube. Where do you live ? how much do you want for this treasure ? ;-)
Thanks for yout answer.
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Hard to value the entire package - but I am looking at $500 USD obo.
The components are in such nice condition and there are so many extras like the manuals and the cords etc.

Pictures anyone?



have you somes pictures ?
I suppose you live in US !

iMac24 2.66, IBM eServerX330, others PC


I am also looking for a complete NeXT box. Are the development tools included on your machine?
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