Even more boot problems...

Started by Jenne, April 06, 2007, 09:00:17 am

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So this is my setup number... I forgot!

Ok, the setting:

I'm trying to install Nextstep 3.3 on a regular NeXTstation, no color, no turbo, 8 MB RAM, using the original (!) CD and floppy along with a 1 GB Seagate ST31230N drive (one of those meant to be compatible) and an external (!) Apple CD 600 CD drive, SCSI number 6.

The Seagate is numbered as SCSI ID 0 to make it bootable later on, it is NOT terminated in any way, just motor spin up enabled.

In the beginning everything seems to work fine and as expected (complete install). After finishing installation it keeps me droping into the boot manager saying something like "SCSI bus hung".

What I wanted to achieve...

After installing I took off the Apple CD drive physically from the station in order to get the system booted of the Seagate HD. When doing this the "SCSI BUS HUNG" message appears. It does not appear when the drive is connected or connected and powered on.

So my conclusion to this...

The Seagate has to be terminated.

When I'm terminating that Seagte BEFORE install NeXTstep is NOT able to format the drive while inatllation is running. It does not matter if I'm terminating the drive afterwards or not, as long as the CD drive is not physically connected this "SCSI BUS HUNG" message appears. So I'm beginningto thonk about the termination power of the Seagte...

Any idea?

Thank You very much for any possible reply!



Try placing a terminator on the external scsi port when the cd is not attached.  This should provide the termination that the external cd is providing when it is attached.  I recall others here saying that in some situations external terminators have been required on nextstations.  If you want to be extra secure, you can get a 50pin internal ribbon cable that has one of those built-in terminators on it, and use that to connect to the internal drive.  In this way it will be terminated on that end, no matter what the drive is set to.  This is what I ended up doing with my nextstation when I was swapping all the drives around so much.  I have no drive installed in the nextstation, just an internal scsi cable with a terminator attached to it.  I use an external hard drive enclosure, or my jaz drive, in order to boot the station.

SCSI can be so much fun .. I really dont miss it ;)