boot / boot manager strange...

Started by Jenne, April 05, 2007, 12:37:02 pm

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Hello again.

While performing several clean & complete installs of NS 3.3 on my Black hardware I noticed again a problem I don't know any solution to (and some others as well).

When restarting the machines after complete install they keepme dropping into the boot manager saying "default drive not ready". When entering the parameter "bsd(0,0,0)" or just "bsd" everything works like it should. Why does all my black hardware forget these parameters?

Second one:

installing the 3.3 Patch 2 in root account keeps me dropping into an error message at the end - but I don't see any reason for it. Even copying the package to harddrive and starting the update does not lead to a successful end... Apple says there is no need to install Patch 1 first and then Patch 2 - in fact I do not own Patch 1 (but all the other software in original ;-) )

Thanks for any hint again!