Getting software startup problems solved...

Started by Jenne, April 14, 2007, 11:37:46 am

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As mentioned in another topic I had lots of problems getting applications started on my NeXTcube running NEXTSTEP 3.3. Although most of the applications were dedicated to run within this version of NEXTSTEP almost none of them wanted to do it's job. Every application icon was showing the display with the questionmark in it.

Here is the solution to (most) problems like these:

using the "Inspector" you will have to change the user access rights (give full access to anybody)!

When doing so even the application icon will change back to it's original state. I don't know how this could happen but I think that most NEXT-applications stored in the internet got their rights changed while copied to server harddisks or CDs.

Man, I should have known it as being an OS X user, repairing the rights almost once a week! So it hasn't been the libraries or the mixture of RAM module types, it has been the rights-ting!



d'oh. I should have remembered that! I have had to do that in the past.