YellowBox/Cocoa kit for windows

Started by digital_me, January 19, 2006, 09:28:59 am

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Hello all!
I'm looking for the YellowBox/Cocoa kit for windows, but i can't find it.
Can somebody give me a link to it?


I think the last version that was available from Apple was included with WebObjects 4.5 - later WebObjects Versions are Java only IIRC. Unfortunately, the version included with my MacOS X Server 1.2 comes with a key that doesn't work on Windows...

There also were some rumours about a new Yellow Box for Windows based on Cocoa, but this hasn't surfaced so far.


cube is correct. the key from OS X Server 1.2 is only for (and will only work with) that version of WebObjects for Mac OS X Server.

digital_me, if you are looking for yellowbox, I can show you a person that can help you more. here is his profile page:
i'm sure he would be more than willing to help you out... :wink:

(and shouldn't this post be under the Rhapsody section?)
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