Webserver with NS 3.3? Network troubles?

Started by Jenne, April 20, 2007, 08:56:40 am

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Hello again.

Besides all the troubles with SCSI hardware I'm still thinking about the integration of my NeXTcube as a webserver. After reading several documentations and trying to set up Apache and HTTPd I'm a bit stuck because I do not understand the cube's network behaviour.

I already managed to surf the internet off that cube (meaning I placed a resolv.conf file and I managed to configure the basic IP adress, gateway and hostname stuff).

As long as this cube is connected to my local network (router & switch) I would like to assign a static IP adress via the router's DHCP server functionality. This is MAC-dependend and at least the NMI Monitor of NEXTSTEP provides me the necessary MAC-adress of the cube - but this one does not appear in the router's DHCP list... Therefor I do not know wether the cube is recognized or not. I've been assigning an IP adress within the Hostmanager.app (because the router didn't show me the MAC-adress and the IP adress of the cube) and the router can ping the cube adress successfully.

After installing HTTPd (and hopefully configuring it the way it is supposed to be) I was not able to load a HTML document off the cube...

So now You know at what stage my project is.

And now my questions:

1.) What server software shall I use? Apache? HTTPd? Or anything else? The problem with Apache are the distributions I found around the net. The 1.2.6 comes as an installer package but keeps on telling me about denied permissions (although logged in as root or as User with Sesame). Later distributions (1.3.x) are not offered as package and to be honest I'm too dumb to understand, how and where to install it. HTTPd seems to be easier to install buit does not work - at least it seems to me like this.
I will only provide standard Port 80 services, just one or two HTML documents, nothing else...

2.) How do I have to configure my cube with what applications to make it usabele as a server machine? Now its just integrated into a mixed network...

3.) Is there any way to make the IP adress and the MAC-adress visible to my router?

Any help of the Pros around here already running a server off black hardware is appreciated very much again!

Hope, I can give something back in return sometime... :oops:



This is an interesting project. I'm anxious as well for more info. Sorry I have nothing much to add.



Finally I made it working!

After installation and configuration I managed CERN HTTPD 3.0a (last known version) to runn off my cube! A simple HTTP server with some CGI functionality, the last version of the first server software from the CERN in Switzerland. Now it's just running within my local network but I will set it up for the internet some day.

Man, sometimes I feel very lucky to own this black beauty!  :)  :)



nice. Be neat to host a website on it :P

I need to get broadband running at my house again, I had apache working on my slab a while back.


Quote from: "helf"Be neat to host a website on it :P

I definetly will do so! But now I'm thinking about how to get this automatically started on system boot up. As long as CERN HTTPD is a UNIX command it must be configured somewhere in the etc directory but I do not know where and how....



Problem solved, server starting at boot!  :)