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is there a nextstep wiki?

Started by macsimski, June 11, 2007, 07:37:19 am

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or could it be something for nextcomputers.org?

I found that for example with ubuntu it is a real helper. configuring procedures, strange behaviour, etc.

any ideas?
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I second that as a good idea. Nekochan has one for SGI stuff, so it's not without precedent.
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A NeXT Wiki is a great idea.  It would take some time to get it set up.  I'll look into the system requirements of MediaWiki and see if it will work with the Web hosting package we have here.


I also recommend you look at DokuWiki:


and another example site ( :twisted: )

Some cool features:

* very slick and easy syntax (easier than most, especially for links and images and such)
* no DB needed for storing files, so much less complicated to setup and relocate/migrate
* very clean and pretty UI
* extensible through modules

Disclamer: I'm not associated with/for DokuWiki, but I did a research and proposal on wikis for my company and this was the top choice for me.


we use dokuwiki internally at work. works well.


Quote from: "helf"we use dokuwiki internally at work. works well.

Glad to hear re-affirmation! Perhaps there are other key features that I've forgotten about?


well, all I did was install it on our test webserver for my boss and I hven't touched it since then except to add some stuff to the policy section :P But we havent had any problems with it and its fast.