"Sex, Lies, & CD-ROM"

Started by korneluk, June 25, 2007, 11:20:25 pm

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I just got a really cool CD-ROM of NeXT stuff titled "Sex, Lies, & CD-ROM" from the Bay Area NeXT Group.

Quoting from the introduction "This BANG CD-ROM is a collection of fun, useful, and generally cool things to have around. The concept works like this: you just got your NeXT machine, you opted for the largest hard drive you could afford, and now you want to put great stuff on it and tweak it for your taste. Well, this should do the trick for you.
I hope you enjoy it. Unfortunately, BANG does not offer any technical support for this disc which is given to you, a BANG member, as our free gift. If you have specific questions or want to ask where to submit materials for any future BANG CD-ROM projects, please send a note to: support@BANG.org.

Thank you for your support.

Rick Reynolds
Bay Area NeXT Group

P.S. The name? In the old days, Apple started a tradition of naming CD-ROMs after movies (probably because each one was such a production to make in those days). BANG decided to take some ownership in this tradition as well. Besides, 'Disk Tracy' was already taken."

IMPORTANT: If Nitro or the other admins decide to host it on the FTP server, I can send them a copy - you folks vote and decide.

-- josé k.


Heh, that's cool trivia :)

What's on the disk Korneluk? Lots of r/x-rated photos and videos? :)


Nope, none of that. Mostly games, utilities, applications, etc. This is the first of these disks that I've ever seen so I am offering it so that others can benefit from it as well.

-- josé k.


Quote from: "korneluk"Nope, none of that.

Heh, I would hope not! Don't want to have my NeXTs get "pimp" status all of a sudden and have a bunch of PFYs swarming in to the new fad! :)