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More NeXT Documents Online

Started by Nitro, July 29, 2007, 07:00:35 pm

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Awesome! Greatly appreciated!  Looking forward to when you post all the schematics that came with the kit.

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Do we have enough documentation to write a (say MESS) module to emulate a 68k NeXT?


Quote from: "tomaz"Do we have enough documentation to write a (say MESS) module to emulate a 68k NeXT?

Actually I was thinking of TME... See the guy already got SunOS & NetBSD running... it's a 68020, MMU and 68881...  Which from what I understand is the basic components of a 68030..  Sure a ROM image would help greatly, but for the life of me I couldn't get a proper memory map of the NeXT's...

Who ever has been doing the NetBSD port must have this information..

Oh well it's been an idea, that the basic bits of the next hardware can't be that difficult, say the cpu, and a frame buffer...

I see that the latest version includes some sparc functionality... I should also say the latest snapshots of Qemu can 'almost' boot OpenBSD on the sparc 4m..  My NeXTSTEP RISC cd doesn't seem to do much though.
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Interesting. The CPU emulation will be trivial - 68030 and 68040 are well documented and 68k emulators exist. It's the rest of the hardware that's going to be tricky - it all depends on how much documentation we have?


that and access to a 68030 box...  I figure the 1st ones would be the easiest..

mine is 1500 miles away...

does anyone have one running that can run a few programs on?? :)
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Well FWIW there is some information burried here:

And of course, as all 680x0 machines they  read two memory addresses at reset, 0 and 4. 0 contains the initial SSP and 4 contains the initial PC...
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or it could help me with my FPGA project. :D
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