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Manufacture Cube (&Maybe Slab)
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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 1:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Andreas: I know this project has zero chance of happening .... if he can integrate just one system . To break it down.
The Cases alone are a hurdle ....
Let alone the Logo's on the Cases.
Are they going to use modern Keyboards and Mice , well where are the drivers going to come from to support them? So if they are actually ADB , then he's going to have to have a way to plug them in and that requires a NeXT sound card , good luck with replicating that alone.
So the monitor was powered up by the DB 19 Cable , so he's going to make NeXT Monitors? That support the fixed frequency and refresh rate , this is madness on its own.
To make a cube Case forget about it , a zero shaft mold and Magnesium let alone the paint , I know first hand how difficult it is to paint an existing Cube Case have it come out right .
Power Supplies , not a chance, Floppy Drives, who even manufactures a 2.88 floppy that powered through the floppy cable.
The Motherboard , I know it is multiple layers and the components most of which are obsolete .
Has he ever integrated a single computer of any type?
It is absolutely impossible to recreate a vintage motherboard , especially a NeXT board unless he has serious funding in place
Canon Invested 155 Million into NeXT , Ross Perot easily over $20 Million and Steve's Millions . You are now talking about 120 NeXTstations on his site no way in hell is it going to happen, unless the whole project was subsidized like has happened in Silicon Valley .
The play simply may be in a nostalgic Magnesium Cube Case and this may be something I personally would pursue exploring manufacturing in the future using modern cad tools it may actually be doable verse a die cast mold that was engineered to be compatible with modern components any else is lunacy , I doubt anyone wants a 68040 33Mhz Processor walled garden for an operating system unless it is in a true vintage pure NeXT system , a remanufactured box seems like cheating . They probably have 159 68040 33Mhz Chips from back in the day on the shelf and are looking to fleece you on the price just a wild guess.
My curiosity has been awoken , so we shall see how this project progresses , the timeline is clearly undoable .
Jmineko: And then there is this my suggestion you really need to read through all of this as you are wide open to having a legal shit storm come down upon the project and you personally. My advice is you should probably just consult with a lawyer to see what you can and can't do, especially if people are actually paying you upfront for any of this : Just trying to keep you out of a legal and potential financial mess.
represent products created by others as your own creation, or act as a reseller of others' products;
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