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New Technology / Re: NeXT's spiritual successor
Last post by nuss - Today at 02:01:05 AM
In my eyes the next fundamental rethinking of how to operate new hardware was done for iPod iPhone and iPad.

Since then I did not encounter any similar revolution in OS and GUI.
New Technology / Re: NeXT's spiritual successor
Last post by jtayler - February 23, 2024, 08:05:22 PM
3.3 forever!
New Technology / Re: NeXT's spiritual successor
Last post by zombie - February 23, 2024, 12:59:39 PM
As far as I can tell no one is actually trying to develop a new operating system. They are all unix variants.

It's a shame because we now have such fundamentally new hardware capabilities, that rethinking software fundamentally makes a lot of sense.

I hope I'm wrong, but I haven't heard of anyone trying to advance anything new in operating systems in over 30 years. Even NeXT was more just making Unix on more personal computers, and advancing an object layer above that. And in many ways, the SmallTalk object layer which inspired it, was more robust. The revelation of NeXT was bringing that all down from large mini computers down to personal computers, which was a big deal.

But the fundamental concepts are now really old. There was a lot of fundamentally great out of the box advancements from the 50-60s in computer science, and it seems ever since then, it's just been refinement of those big ideas.

Sad things are you can fundamentally do things differently now then before. Like before you had multiple memory address spaces for RAM, then out to disk. With modern tech, SSDs, you really dont need that. You could have one global private and even one global public memory space. You could really challenge and change computing at fundamental levels. But I just haven't really seen anyone pushing to advance things because I guess people are satisfied with things as they are.
New Technology / Re: Blue SCSI 2.0 vs ZULU SCSI...
Last post by cooltr6 - February 23, 2024, 11:12:49 AM
Heya Rob.  I'm doing similar testing with BlueSCSI and the original SCSI2SD card you put in the Cube I purchased from you.  It's in the Work Logs section.  It'll be interesting to see the results we come up with.  =)
New Technology / NeXT's spiritual successor
Last post by brunocampos - February 23, 2024, 10:58:13 AM
Hello NeXT Community!

NeXT revolutionized the computer industry by developing a cutting-edge operating system and an object-oriented environment.

Apple's success with macOS and iOS can be attributed to its acquisition of NeXT, as the foundational elements of both operating systems are rooted in NeXTSTEP.

Nowadays, I couldn't identify a company that could be considered the spiritual successor to NeXT. Few companies seem to be venturing into the development of new operating systems or hardware with a market strategy akin to that of NeXT.

Do you think there will ever be a spiritual successor of NeXT?
NeXT Work Logs / BlueSCSI v2 Time Trials
Last post by cooltr6 - February 23, 2024, 01:16:26 AM
As our spinning hard drive's continue to age and fail, we look for alternatives to keep our beloved NeXT hardware running happily.  There are many worthy devices out there - SCSI2SD/ZuluSCSI and BlueSCSI to name a couple.

This work log brings to you some 'in the wild' testing of BlueSCSI [internal and external versions], SCSI2SD and even a still happily functioning 1GB DEC SCSI hard drive.

The first test is with a NeXTstation Mono Turbo, which has 16MB RAM installed.

BlueSCSI v2 [internal and external], using a 32GB SanDisk High Endurance Card [100MB/s read, 40MB/s write] and a full install of OPENSTEP 4.2 [including Developer Tools]

There are 3-2GB drives setup at SCSI ID's 1, 2 and 3. CD5 [SCSI ID 5] is loaded with 5 Peanuts CD's.  Tests were performed with the same SD card, but using the internal and external versions.

This computer can connect to the Internet and internal network and is set to mount an NFS share, which is on a Raspberry Pi [see NFS for Everyone post -].  This adds a second or so during the startup something to keep in mind.

If you're thinking using BlueSCSI, take a look at the post "BlueSCSI Settings" posted in the Black Hardware section of the forum - for some extra info.

Test Results

   Internal BlueSCSI v2

      From bonk at POST to Login Window: 59.5 seconds

      From Login Window to Workspace loaded [including mounting the first CD - Peanuts 1]: 17.5 seconds


         WordPerfect 1.0.1: 8.0 seconds
         FrameMaker 3.2: 7.6 seconds
         Concurrence: 2.77: 10.0 seconds
         Diagram 2.5: 14.2 seconds
         OpenWrite 2.1-8: 8.3 seconds
         ParaSheet 1.7: 16.6 seconds

   External BlueSCSI v2

      From bonk at POST to Login Window: 61.0 seconds

      From Login Window to Workspace loaded [including mounting the first CD - Peanuts 1]: 42.1 seconds


         WordPerfect 1.0.1: 8.4 seconds
         FrameMaker 3.2: 8.1 seconds
         Concurrence: 2.77: 7.9 seconds
         Diagram 2.5: 13.8 seconds
         OpenWrite 2.1-8: 8.9 seconds
         ParaSheet 1.7: 16.8 seconds

Note:  I don't have a whole lot of applications loaded on this card [yet], so took a few of the big names to test with.


Bonk at POST to Login Window: nearly the same times...but certainly hands-down better than a spinning platter drive. 

Login Window to Workspace loaded [mounting first CD]: This is where things got interesting.  The internal version, the CD mounted as Workspace loaded.  With the external version, there was close to 20 seconds difference before the CD mounted on the Shelf.  Can't explain that one, but it's something to be aware of.

Application launches were almost dead on the same, except one...Concurrence and Diagram loaded faster with the external version.  Other than those two, nothing exactly stood out.

Subsequent Testing

NeXT Cube 25MHz 68040 with 64MB RAM, Dimension board and an internal CD-ROM drive, using both the internal and external versions of BlueSCSI and the same SD card used in the Mono Turbo Slab.

The Cube has a SCSI2SD card installed, with OPENSTEP 4.2, the one used to build the BlueSCSI SD card.

For comparison purposes, I'll take the same time trials booting up the Cube with the two BlueSCSI devices.  I'll also take times from booting with the SCSI2SD solution both in the Cube and the Mono Slab.  Of course, the SCSI2SD solution doesn't have an external version — but that's OK.  Just looking to compare two very worthy SCSI drive replacement options that are out there.

With the other Cube I have, which has less memory, a 1GB DEC SCSI hard drive [with a full install of OPENSTEP 4.2] and no Dimension board installed - run the same tests with BlueSCSI and SCSI2HD.  I envision it should be the same as the loaded up Cube, but hey...may as well check.  It certainly can't hurt.

While I have the hard drive out of that Cube, I'll do some other testing with that in the loaded Cube, the not-so-loaded Cube and the Mono Slab and get some we can see the 'spinny-drive' performance numbers for comparison purposes.

More to come as the other tests are performed and the details tabulated.  Stay tuned!
Porting New Software / Re: Objective C: undefined typ...
Last post by pTeK - February 22, 2024, 10:57:50 AM
Quote from: fstark on February 21, 2024, 08:57:10 AMI'll try to look at it when I'm done with my first NeXTflix iteration!
Thanks. Will upload your latest one as I have gotten further
NeXT Work Logs / Re: NFS for Everyone
Last post by cooltr6 - February 21, 2024, 09:34:46 PM
A new discovery, folks...

When copying some files [in my case fonts], there were some files that were properly named and known good files, but I was still getting the 'There is no room on the disk for..." error, even though there was plenty of room on the destination.

If you run into one of these sorts of files, use Workspace's Compress function, take the compressed file and copy it to wherever you need it and decompress it there.

There'll be a need workarounds...that's true.  But know that you still have a quick and dirty NFSv2 compatible method to get files to and from your NeXT.