PS2 -> ADB Success

Started by alanh, October 01, 2007, 01:20:38 PM

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It certainly doesn't work with all mice as I tried a really cheap one and it didn't work.

It does say on the box....

Compatible with any standard PS/2 pointing device - Cordless mice, Trackballs and Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer.

So it explicitly mentions the IntelliMouse and that's what I'm using.

So others may work, but the mileage may vary.


Oh, OK. I'll let you know what mice work :)


uuuumm... OK, dumb question. Do Non-ADB NeXT systems have a different connector from standard ADB or? Me thinks my NeXT is non-adb and i never noticed. :P


Yes, non-ADB is a completely different pinout than ADB.

Looking at your equipment, the n4000a is definitely non-ADB.


You need an n4000b or an ADB soundbox to get ADB ports.


ha, thought so. Teach me to not double check my own hardware. oh well, I should be getting an ADB Turbo color soon :) So it wasn't wasted money.

Thanks :P


From nextchef I hope :-)

me too.


yes, hopefully. Whenever he gets back to me :) I may have to start pestering him.


Quote from: "helf"yes, hopefully. Whenever he gets back to me :) I may have to start pestering him.

Hey now ..... I heard that.  :wink:



Not sure if this really fits in this thread, but I was futzing around with my home theater this afternoon & noticed that  ADB cables are the same as standard "S Video" cables - which you can pick up for next to nothing at any electronics store.
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yeah, I've routinely used svideo cables as ADB extensions cables.. :)


Can I just throw a random 2 cents in here...

not all USB Moice work on PS/2. cheap and USB-only mice (including but not limited to Apple's USB mice) will *not* work via  a USB->PS/2 adapter.

The crack is that the USB->PS/2 adapters are a cheat. All they do is direct the PS/2 signal from the contacts in the USB plug to the correct pins on a PS/2 plug. The mice that work on PS/2 and USB auto-detect what bus standard they are plugged into and use the according language, they just send the data down the USB wires. The reason MS Intellimouse mice work so well is they are fully PS/2 and USB compliant. Cheap USB mice might not be, even if they support PS/2 they may not support it correctly, hell most cheap mice don't support USB standards 100% right ;)

Just thought I'd mention that.