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Apple OS X mockup

Started by slomacuser, March 05, 2008, 01:44:36 PM

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Can anybody tell something more about this Apple OS X mockup picture? Was this published in some magazine? Was this true or just some ideas, or rummors, like today before Apple introduce something, there are always unrealistic pictures of new products?


I faintly remember that one but I'm not sure. To me it looks like one of those system tuning applications changing the whole Mac OS look & feel. In fact there were many modifications like this one for OS 9 and early OS X versions that changed to wohle setup to BeOS-, NeXT-, Atari- and whatever lookalikes. But these just were optical modifications, not complete systems or OSses.



I actually made that mockup. I think it was done around 1999 because my friend Steve and I were pissed at the ugliness of the Rhapsody pre-release. It was based on the Openstep 4.4 beta which had a tabbed dock at the bottom.

I was into the British designer Neville Brody at the time and you can see his influence in the icons.  I really liked my recycler/blackhole icon.  I sent it to a couple of ex-NeXT guys who I knew at Apple after the merger, who knows if anything went into influencing what came out of Apple later.

I like to think that I may have influenced the look of some things like the newer HUD displays :-)

A few notes of Trivia:

The girl user pic was from some asian porno mag

There are a couple of icons for animation that I did for the original Animo guys ( and a scene folder icon).  Animo ran on NeXT and was what Flash should have been.

The mockup was created in Tiffany and Create on my old NeXT cube before I got rid of it.

Anyway that is the history of this particular image.  I don't remember how it ended up on the internet.

Jon Hooper


Hello Jon! It is nice that you cleared me about this picture :)

So for what company did you work?

Was there Openstep 4.4 beta? Or you mean OPENSTEP 4.0 Prerelease 1 ?