NeXT Laser Printer Hiding a nonADB Keyboard Controller?

Started by barcher174, November 26, 2018, 08:17:32 PM

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This is one of my more interesting discoveries IMO. Inside the next laser printer is a nonADB keyboard controller chip!

As it turns out next must have dual purposed the same package for different applications.

Here is a comparison of the N4000 monitor sound board along with the interface board from a laser printer:

Here is the keyboard controller hacked into my nosoundADB board and tested to work stand alone:

Cool huh?


Mask-programmable controller?  Looks to be part of the Sony universe (but fabbed by Motorola).


It could be. I'm thinking it's likely custom silicon. The keyboard itself uses an IC labeled S38DC007PP01

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Hello: It looks like it was available for sale here at some point SON875901427  Is it programmable like a ROM?

Can I pull info off of one with my  Rom burner?
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If mask programmed, unlikely.  But it will probably have a simple function.  Another reverse engineering project...


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