Shipping a Cube w/ original Maxtor HDD

Started by JohnGypsy, October 18, 2023, 02:24:25 PM

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So, it looks like I'll likely be putting some of my NeXT hardware on EBay soon since I've got a Cube and Slab working (and then I'll likely keep my one Cube).  I have a couple of original Maxtor full-height HDDs that are working and bootable.  I plan to also include a ZuluSCSI in the package though, but I figure that some collector might prefer the original Maxtor.  My question is: what is the best way to ship this with the Maxtor?  Leave it mounted in the Cube?  Pull it out and wrap it separately in bubble wrap?  Also, do these drives support "parking" for shipping like many did in the old days?

Thanks for any shipping advice on this!


I'm pretty sure shutting down parks the 660MB maxtor I had back in the day. And that was the ancient 5.25" full height monster. Anything newer than that should also park the head.

Then again, I'm going from memory, so hopefully someone could provide something more definitive.

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It is probably automatic and works like this    some older drives do have a pk jumper = park. Also have this in  our archives
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