NeXTstation Color, signs of life without monitor?

Started by astromike, November 10, 2023, 12:35:58 PM

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I have a NeXTstation Color that I just dragged half way around the world. Alas, I was not able to bring the monitor that goes with it (no way that would fit in a suitcase). My plan was to get an old LCD and use an adaptor that I have. Unfortunately it has proved to be harder to find a suitable LCD than I originally planned.

My question: is there a way to check that the machine is still alive and working without a monitor?

When I plug it in and press the power button on the keyboard it springs to life and the hard drive spins up. That seems like a good sign, but it would be nice if there was something more definitive.


Thank you!


I've found that a lot of LCDs work 'ok' with a simple VGA adapter.


The following LCD monitor (bought in 2016 for 36€) works fine with my NeXTstation color, Soundbox and adapter:

QuoteNEC MultiSync LCD195NX 48 cm (19") 5:4 LCD TFT Monitor DVI VGA Schwarz Sound

@astromike When you power on your slab, do you hear a sound from your Soundbox?


Ok, I played with it a little more and when I turn it on I get a pop noise on the sound box. I honestly can't remember what sound -- if any -- it made before. It has been a long time since I used this nextstation.

I can insert a disk and it objects without problem when I use the keyboard to power off the machine.

The monitor I have, an HP M24fw, doesn't even attempt to sync. Could be that it is just super picky with the signals or maybe there really is no video output.

I am on the hunt again for a used older SoG LCD... I will keep looking.

Thanks for your help!

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Look for a Dell 19 or 20" monitors from the mid 2000's non wide, they are a dime a dozen like examples that work are the FP1905 and FP2007 ,some Dells even have a built in sound bar which you can hook up to your sound box.

Make sure the Y Cable is centered at the NeXT Color station as well :)

Are you using an original NeXT Y Monitor Cable with 13W3 to VGA adaptor?   

You monitor Spec looks like it does support 1280 by 1024 resolution but you will want to find a 4:3 non wide  or the image becomes stretchy

You absolutely need synch on green or SOG support in the monitor you choose.
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Hi Rob, all,

Just wanted to drop a line to say that I was able to source an old Samsung SyncMaster monitor. I plugged it in and voila, the system sprang to life. Even though the original SCSI hard drive survived the flight, I decided to switch to a ZuluSCSI. Amazing how quiet the machine is now.

Thanks again!