Monitors to use with NeXTDimension board

Started by Scutboy, February 25, 2023, 07:39:40 AM

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I have a ND board, but my large 21" NeXT monitor is no more. I'm curious what other monitors from back in the day might work with it, or if it's better to just get a 13W3 to VGA (or whatever) adapter at this point.

I have a number of Sun 13W3 monitors that are "period" correct as well as a couple versatile big VGA screens as well.


I'm using a NEC MultiSync EA-190M-BK 19" LCD with the NextDimension in my TurboCube, since my original 21" NeXT monitor also doesn't work anymore (see my other post: It might not be "period correct" but I didn't want to waste a lot of space again for a bulky monitor, and since the LCD has both VGA and DVI inputs I can use it for other systems as well.

As far as I know any VGA monitor that supports "sync-on-green" and resolutions larger than 1024x768 should work using a 13W3 to VGA cable.


I'm using an NEC 1880SX flat panel, it's able to do sync on green and has a bunch of adjustments (including manually defining the resolution and stretch mode) that results in a fairly good picture.

Of course, a real CRT provides a better picture.