Daydream ROM box kit

Started by pentium, September 15, 2008, 05:26:02 PM

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Quote from: mikeboss on March 10, 2023, 06:04:17 AMhere you go ->
Looks like it's been added to the aforementioned file directory as well. The patcher is several months newer than the pre-patched kernel (Feb 2016 vs Aug 2015) and I was able to patch an original 2.11 kernel (resulting md5sum was 5d431b0a3cb7aeb90050aa787ae93022) for my color slab complete with 68040 support. Thanks!

NOTE: for this version the workaround described at must be used.


Trying to understand everything in the 16-page-discussion...

If I am getting it right: the kernel in from /NeXTfiles/Docs/Hardware/Daydream is apparently:
MD5 (Patched 2.11 2015-08-01/daydream) = cfccff69cd93a51962b43c1bccf4e996
(according to:

As it appears that we are already sharing the patched kernel file on the site, could somebody add the newest patched version and/or the original kernel there too?

(Btw; getting JRE installed on macOS isn't too easy: Oracle wants you to login to download so one needs to get the installer elsewhere to avoid that...)


Ok, had time to test this more. Needed to use the workaround for the patcher (and get the right 2.1 kernel from the floppies) but now I am starting to get it..

This is neat! At least in Previous the Mac side feels pretty fast, too.

I have some small issues that prevented me getting futher into Mac-side install:

- Mac-side: rebooting with alt pressed should reboot to NeXTStep but I couldn't get this to work (could be a keymap issue). EDIT: my bad; this should be pressing alt while selecting Shutdown on Mac-side - this works just fine!
- Mac floppies do not appear at all in Mac-side (works on NeXT side but not in the boot screen or desktop on Mac side)
- To avoid the floppy issue I used a premade image RaSCSI-Boot-7.0.1.hda (attached as a SCSI hard drive) and it works. 7.5.3 would start booting but halt halfway (didn't test booting without extensions). I created a new 120MB disk file with the Daydream's utility and copied the System folder from the RaSCSI's image into that.

This was all in Previous 2.7. If I can get 7.1 and some software into my Daydream disk file, I'll try and get it over to my mono-slab to see how it performs.


Note a typo in the prompt :P


Finally had time to test this. I copied the hard disk image of my Macintosh LC installation and moved it over to first Previous for testing and then over to my mono-slab.

In Previous I couldn't get networking to work (EN light would flash like it was trying but I couldn't even ping).

But on my NeXTstation networking worked just fine:


Oldish Apple Personal Diagnostics gives pretty good numbers on it, and it does feel quite snappy!



Quote from: MindWalker on May 26, 2023, 01:43:05 PM- Mac floppies do not appear at all in Mac-side (works on NeXT side but not in the boot screen or desktop on Mac side)
Quote from: MindWalker on June 23, 2023, 12:35:48 PMIn Previous I couldn't get networking to work (EN light would flash like it was trying but I couldn't even ping).

Please test again with Previous v2.8. If you still experience these issues, can you describe them a bit more closely? What configuration did you use? Did you use set up the floppy drive under the "SCSI" or under the "Floppy" menu? How was networking set up and which address did you try to ping?

Because this is a bit off-topic here, we might better discuss this in Previous' main thread or a new thread in the Emulation / Virtualization section.


Hi all,

Quote from: schubige on August 25, 2015, 12:14:36 PMHow-to:
    - Boot with System 7.5- Start System 8.1 Installer- Under "Options...", deselect "Update Apple Hard Disk Drivers"- Reboot with System 7 (e.g. daydream emergency disk). System 8.1 will not boot without the patches.- Use ResEdit to copy all resources from "MacOS 8.1 System patches" to the "System" file in the system folder of the newly installed MacOS 8.1- ResEdit asks to replace resources with the same ID. Close that dialog with "Yes"- Save the System file and reboot- MacOS 8.1 should start now- Copy the "colorFix" system extension to the extensions folder if you run daydream on a NeXT Color Station- disable all unneeded / unwanted control panels and system extensions

Did anyone by chance archive the file with the "MacOS 8.1 System patches" in it?

Thanks! Cheers!