Large NeXT wall poster

Started by gfin, November 12, 2015, 07:46:52 PM

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Dating back to my days as a NeXT sysadmin, I have a large nylon NeXT banner. It's the cube image at the top left of these forum pages, with the 4-colour NeXT lettering. This is a big banner on heavy nylon fabric, approx 115 x 170 cm (45 x 67 inches). It's actually two sheets of nylon and the cube image is printed on both outer surfaces. I've had this thing on the wall above my Mac workstations for about the last 18 years, and I'm thinking that it's time for a change of office decor.
If there are any diehard NeXT nostalgics out there who'd like to have this big banner on their walls, I'm open to offers.