DAZZL - 12AD Cube Expansion Board , what is it?

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, January 13, 2019, 08:27:55 PM

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: So this DAZZL 12AD Cube Expansion board came in and was used in Brain Wave research.... any clues as to what else it is useful for or how to actually use it. I'm searching for the drivers....

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Looks like its a digital to analogue converter.

found the following

" Computer Input: if MIDI Is used, then the computer Input is a MIDI interlace for the computer. (A commonly available piece of hardware that costs less than $200.00.) If audio such as live sound is used, an audio digitizer, (a digital microphone) is needed. An alternative to the simple digital microphone is a multiple channel audio digitizer such as the Dazzl A/D board, which will allow the performance events in the program to be generated from multiple channels of sound, as in alive sound board situation, with each instrument being assigned a different channel."

Ref in "next on campus spring 1991"

Dazzl Model 16/12 Analog to Digital
Converter An add-in board with 16
single-ended or 8 differential channels, a maximum sampling rate of 200
KHz, and a centronics-compatible
parallel port. Dazzl, Inc. (309) 674-