Networking in NS 3.3

Started by Aaronfire7, January 15, 2023, 09:42:37 AM

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Hey so I'm new to the whole NeXTstep thing and I tried following a tutorial on youtube on how to set it up and get networking working. I followed the tutorial, which was difficult since the guy hardly knew what he was doing, and managed to get the network somewhat working. The system starts up and the EN light flickers a little before going out. I open the web browser and the same thing happens. It will not go to any websites except the homepage (I'm using Omniweb). I can ping in the terminal but that's about all it will do.


There are instructions included with Previous (networking.howto.txt). Try starting with a freshly installed system and follow these instructions.



I'm guessing this was on Previous?

I managed to get networking on NS3.3i today on VirtualBox but it involved having to download the AMDPCnet32 V3.33 Beta driver copying that over to NS3.3 (I created a .iso with driver on) and installing it.

Then setting up the network settings with /NextAdmin/SimpleNetworkStarter