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Quote from: pTeK on December 04, 2023, 12:17:03 PMI had no problems here Rob. Here is my bom from /NextLibrary/Receipts/DeveloperDoc.pkg

I installed from 4.2 User CD -> 4.2 Developer CD on VirtualBox
Thank you for confirming that as now I know it was something I did. I know have installed it before with no issues! It is baffling to me but may be by default is reverts back to the original installation package so I'll try from scratch with my new iso direct from an original cd.
NEXTSTEP / OPENSTEP Software / Re: Openstep 4.2 DeveloperDoc ...
Last post by pTeK - December 04, 2023, 12:17:03 PM
I had no problems here Rob. Here is my bom from /NextLibrary/Receipts/DeveloperDoc.pkg

I installed from 4.2 User CD -> 4.2 Developer CD on VirtualBox
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Emulation / Virtualization / Re: Video Playback
Last post by Rob Blessin Black Hole - December 04, 2023, 01:12:00 AM
Quote from: schubige on January 23, 2016, 12:23:33 AMI'm currently working on making Previous more real-time aware (branch_realtime). Until now, timing in Previous was mostly based on (virtual) CPU cycles. Depending on your host hardware, this was either faster or slower than reality. I'm linking now various time sources in the NeXT hardware (such as vertical blank, microsecond timer, sound, etc.) to the host system. Thus time elapsed inside Previous is not only counted in CPU cycles but also in microseconds elapsed in reality.

One of the tests I do is video playback with NEXTTIME. Video playback is a great test because it heavily loads the system (I/O, decoding, sound, pumping video frame to the NeXTdimension, etc) and all that has to be synchronized and happens in real-time.

I'm having troubles with this video Audio stops at roughly 1:30 and shortly after, frames start to drop as well.

Could anyone of you who has a real NeXTdimension play that video with NEXTTIME, record it e.g. with a phone-camera directly from the screen and upload/send it to me for comparison, please?

Thanks a lot, Simon
Simon are you still around ? I thought you may have some insite into possible alternative hardware solutions via custom software as it dawned on me that you managed to create Darkmatter  DayDream but on NeXT NON ADB hardware when Macs USED ADB keyboards and mice . Only the last Turbo Colors and MONO Turbos and Turbo Cubes had the V74 rom chip which natively supports ADB devices. 

My question is as NeXT NON ADB components are getting hard to find , how would you approach a solution to provide or create an alternative solution for non NeXT keyboards and mice to connect to NeXT NON ADB hardware. There are some solutions but perhaps you would beable to describe how you we're able to get the NeXT non adb systems to handshake with Day Dream running MAS OS with ADB Drivers and would those DayDream or Darkmatter ADB to NON ADB peripheral Drivers be portable to NeXTSTEP to NeXT 68K NON ADB hardware ? So in effect plugging in an Keyboard ADB and mouse ADB peripherals to a NeXT NON ADB system making it work.  I know the main difference is Power on pin 7 and that an ADB keyboard with ADB sound Card and ADB monitor cable will power up a NeXT but that is as far as it goes. Other alternatives would be PS2 to NeXT or USB to NeXT using arduino adaptors and may be you would have some insite into making an opensource protoype :) Best Regards Rob Blessin Thank you for all your help on Previous and Dark Matter !
Hello NeXT Community: All these years later I never remember the is error installing the Openstep 4.2 Developer Documentation producing this error.  I tried an Openstep4.2 Developer ISO I had and then an Openstep 4.2 Developer ISO from the WEB fscktechnology and finally thinking it must be me, an original Openstep 4.2 Developer CD

As a result their is not a clean install of the Openstep 4.2 Developer Documentation . Pictured below

 I looked at the location where it installs I see the nibfile and then open it and it appears the file it seeks is there ,

however it must be a typo or something that was never caught by NeXT ? and perhaps it is supposed to be a file and not a directory. 

If someone can verify this error it would be much appreciated .
NeXTSTEP 3.3 Developerdocs package installs just fine. 
All other packages install with out issue :)

Obviously I'll try Openstep 4.2 and or Version 4.1 DeveloperDoc Package to see if it is a 4.2 error only.

 At any rate to install Openstep 4.2 in previous I first installed NeXTstep 3.3 User using builddisk made it so it installs 21 packages at once and it is fast,   set the root password for NeXTSTEP 3.3 then used the Openstep 4.2 User upgrader app to install Openstep 4.2 .

Why am I doing this I want a nice clean complete Openstep 4.2 User, developer and Y2k patches  with Openstep 4.2 Fax cover page patch  in Previous.

My hope is from there to create a super master NeXT ISO as Openstep handles 4Gb single partitions and there is a nice post about a custom Atlas Disktab Entry with etc/fstab file supporting  or 7 4Gb partitions. by Apple2guy !

So my thought is if we can get that disktab entry modified  to work in Previous  ,

how cool is that Previous with what in effect is a 28gb drive sliced into 7 4gb partitions ,

 then I also want to tinker with moving this monster master Openstep 4.2 image over to ZULU SCSI onto a 32Gb Extreme Pro and see if it works. as rather than have my current 6 * 2Gb disks ....
1 single disk image with 7 * 4Gb or 6 or less ought to push the envelop a bit on the ZULU SCSI and or Previous technology :)

 Any one doing this yet? I think even a singe 4gb partition with 1024 blocks would probably be faster than 2 ^ 2gb partitions with 512K blocks but I'm not sure if ZULU SCSI handles sectors like scsi2sd sectors / blocks 139 and 4 ..... my head hurts lol.
In laymen s terms I'm trying to drop a big block 496 hemi with nitro (ZULU SCSI) into a NeXT 68K Turbo Cube Dimension (A nice surprise I had in inventory in a Dark Corner of the Black Hole)
and or a 50 MHz modded Turbo Color Station in another Dark Corner I procured awhile back lol . Pictured below

NeXT Stuff is warping in here I dd not now even existed Mandela effect for sure.