Copland: looking for PowerSurge NVRAM Fixer...

Started by Jenne, May 03, 2008, 09:35:01 AM

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In order to install and use as many older Mac OS versions as possible I tried to install Copland. Sad to say it refuses to install because of "wrong PowerSurge NVRAM fixer" installer module.
Using a mounted disk image did not work, also using a floppy inserted written by DiskCopy did not help.

Does anybody know where this piece of software (maybe as disk image?) can be obtained? Thanks a lot!



what version of Copland did you install and on what machine? As I know the machine must be a 6100 connected to debugging machine trough serial cable


It has been a PM 8500 (supported model in list) and Copland D11E4. I followed the instructions by installing 7.5.3 NA first, rebooting, then over-installing Copland - until it came up with that PowerSurge oddity...


I know this is a little late and maybe the person does not care anymore but here you go


Better laste then never.
(Although I'm still waiting for someone to fix the problem I'm having...
...not to change the subject)
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