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Started by RacerX, April 23, 2006, 10:44:16 AM

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So I was thinking the other day... we have NeXTanswers to help us out with our NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP related issues, what do we have for Rhapsody?

The easy answer is Apple's technical article archive in the support section of their web site.

But as it turns out, the easy answer isn't so easy anymore. There are two major issues that one faces when going to Apple's site looking for articles... first is the fact that most articles on Rhapsody are under the name Mac OS X Server, and are now mixed in with articles on Mac OS X Server v10.0.x, v10.1.x, v10.2.x, v10.3.x and v10.4.x. Second (and far more disturbing) is that articles are starting to come up missing.

I have had (for quite some time now) backup versions of many of the articles on Rhapsody, but after noticing that more articles have started to disappear I decided to backup everything.

What I have so far is almost all the remaining articles from Apple's site, plus most of the articles I have as backups. I've (currently) collected them together in a group of Rich Text documents (a beta version of them can be found here).

These were all made using TextEdit in Rhapsody (with the graphics done using Create in Rhapsody), so I am pretty sure that they should be readable on any Rhapsody systems... which is, after all, the most important system for them to be compatible with. They are also readable in Mac OS X using TextEdit. I may eventually convert the PDF manuals to Rich Text, but considering how much time it took to convert 9 articles I don't think it'll be in the near future.

Currently the collection is made up of 128 articles along with 6 PDF manuals. The PDF manuals are archived in pax (because tar wasn't working for some reason). OpenUp can handle this in both Rhapsody 5.3 and later and Mac OS X (the file was created in OpenUp). For those who are using Rhapsody 5.1, the PDFs are the same as those on the FAQs page on my site (each of which can be downloaded individually).

OmniLibrarian can index the collection, but what you'll get from the listing is the text file inside the RTFD package... meaning that if there are images, you won't be seeing them if you open the document from OmniLibrarians search results (OmniLibrarian is not as good as the old Digital Librarian).

Still, it does at least give you a listing of articles based on your search inquiries... and as all the articles are numbered, it isn't that hard to find them in the Workspace Manager to open them after finding them in OmniLibrarian.

Helpful links...
    Objective C version of TextEdit for Rhapsody 5.3 and later
    OmniLibrarian for Rhapsody 5.3 and later
    OpenUp for Rhapsody 5.1 (doesn't work with pax)
    OpenUp for Rhapsody 5.3 and later
    OpenUp for Mac OS X
    MTLibrarian for Mac OS X v10.3 and later[/list]


    The RhapsodyAnswers page turned out great.  It's always nice to see someone take an active interest in preserving information that might otherwise be lost for good.  You've really put a lot of work into your site, and it shows.


    Thanks for the preys and encouragement.