Any chance of getting SimCity to NS?

Started by MindWalker, February 04, 2023, 04:59:40 AM

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This was posted just recently on the topic of the old Unix port of SimCity:

I tested the patched version of it on my Sparcstation under Solaris and it was great!

I know very little of compiling software on Unixsy platforms so I really can't figure out how difficult it would be, I just would love to have SimCity on one more platform to play on!  8)


The open source version of SimCity (called "micropolis" for trademark reasons) is written in C, the Unix/X11 port uses the tk UI toolkit. You can find the source at

I assume it is possible to get this to work with reasonable effort (a couple of days to get tcl/tk to work and fight with the old gcc on NeXTstep maybe) running as an X11 application on NeXTstep with e.g. the CubX X server.

But that doesn't sound like a great solution. So this would be an ideal opportunity to take a closer look at the micropolis codebase and build a new UI using Objective C/AppKit... that will probably take quite a bit longer than a few days of work, though :)