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Started by Nitro, February 20, 2008, 11:19:15 AM

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Stanford University is hosting an online collection of more than 160 NeXT related photos from the Douglas Menuez Photography Collection.  They're quite a few pictures of the Fremont manufacturing facility under construction, including NeXT employees putting together the Cube/Slab assembly line.  The collection has pictures of Steve and the NeXT executives in the unfinished Fremont building, as well as pictures of Steve having lunch with Canon executives.  Lot's of pictures of NeXT employees, Steve talking to Ross Perot, and much more.

It takes a bit of maneuvering to find the photos.  Follow the link below and click on the link entitled "Launch the Douglas Menuez Photography Collection directly in your browser".  In the upper left-hand corner choose "Search by Corporate Name".  Then choose "NeXT Computer, Inc." from the list.  There are multiple pages of photos that can be accessed by using the arrows at the bottom of each page.




Quote from: "pergamon"Good find!
Thanks. :)  I haven't been able to secure permission from the copyright owner to display any of the pictures here but I figured I would post a link so that others could check it out.  I really like the NeXTcube artwork hanging on the wall at the end of the "lunch" table.  And Steve's license plate is pretty nifty too.


I noticed one of the pictures show a few NeXT logo neon signs like the one Kenjay has.  8)


I would love to have one of those signs hanging in my computer room! 8)


Oh my god, I would kill to get a sign like that.

Are the dimensions of that sign known so that those of us that would like one could potentially build one?


I can't access it.
I try to open it, it opens as a popup and firefox blocks it and makes it so that I can't unblock it. >:/

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I just start the process of creating a replica of the NeXT logo sign, and I already know how I will do it, but the correct dimensions are a mystery

I already asked Kenjay, but seems that is really busy and hasn't replay to my pm

does any one have an idea about the dimensions of the logo?


I bet with some geometry and interpolation we could use this picture


to recreate the general dimensions and then use the close-up pictures to get pretty close.  Using the height of steve and the monitor in the foreground we could probably get a reasonable estimate.

/edit: With some bar-napkin estimates using the picture I linked to, the fact that Steve is 6'2" tall, and the fact that I have a laserprinter that looks to be a similar size to the one in this picture


My guess is that the sign is about 28-30 inches from the corner above the e to the corner at the very bottom.  I am not sure how accurate that is but it looks pretty close.


Quote from: "pentium"I can't access it.
I try to open it, it opens as a popup and firefox blocks it and makes it so that I can't unblock it. >:/

You can add "insight.stanford.edu" as an exception to your Firefox popup blocker to get around it.  Tools > Options > Content > Block Popup Windows Exceptions


The Douglas Menuez Photography Collection has moved to a new URL which is easier to access now.