NeXT Universal Soundbox Replacement: NU_IO

Started by barcher174, October 22, 2019, 08:06:46 PM

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Does this support any monitor with VGA or only a sync-on-green monitor?

Rob Blessin Black Hole

Are you hooking it up to a NeXT Mono station or Cube or a NeXT Colorstation ?
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SoG is not required for B&W machines. The VGA port on this device only works with B&W units. The color signal needs to be split off with a y cable.


Thanks. I have a mono NeXTStation so this sounds great.


Hi all,
Getting a little late on this topic
Does anyone know where can I get a soundbox replacement now?
Interested in a DIY kit too.

Any suggestions or help would be welcome!


Hi all, new to the forum.

Does anyone have one of these for sale? Desperately hoping either Brian or Rob are doing another run of these so I can get my (new to me) cube running :)

I think I'd need a 'megaload' board too as my machine is an earlier Next Computer rather than NeXTcube.



I would also be very interested in picking one of these up for my NeXTStation.  Even in kit form this would be great, probably just need the PCB and NeXT ASIC.


Hello everyone,

Following up on this topic, if there are any available for sale I would like a megaload version as I have one of the older Cube