Does anyone have a V1 SPARCstation 1 boot PROM?

Started by protocol7, December 26, 2023, 06:06:14 PM

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I've only been able to find a V2 image online and I'd really like to get a V1 PROM as it's required to boot SunOS 4.0.3c.

I'm also looking out for PROMs from any SPARC clones (Fujitsu, Tatung etc). No real need for them, they'd just be nice to have.

Update: I found one here. Posting the link in case anyone else looking for one finds this message.

K-Town Computeum

I have some sparc clones (e.g. from Tatung). But I don't know how to extract the prom content from it. In case you could describe how to do that, I could extract it.


Thanks K-Town. I don't know if it's possible to dump the prom via software. If it is, maybe someone can chime in with a method.

Likely it would require using hardware to read the chip. I have a TL866 for this but it's possible to hack together something with an arduino or maybe a Raspberry Pi.

The reason I'd like to get some is to be able to boot emulated SPARC systems with a different logo and banner. But also it would be nice to have them dumped and preserved.


It should be possible to dump the PROM from OpenFirmware using memory read FORTH statements, see the OpenBoot reference, p. 54. So one needs to figure out if the address of the PROM is visible in the device tree.


I would suggest asking on the Sun Rescue list:

Ask for Dave McGuire. He will, doubtless, at least know where to find such a ROM file.

(I currently only have a Sun Blade 2500 Silver which is a wee bit too recent to help, sorry 😉 )