NeXT and Apple NuBus Accelerator expansion cards 96 pin

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, January 26, 2024, 04:29:36 AM

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello NeXT Community: As we know an accelerator card would be on everyones NeXT hardware wish list...  This Radius Rocket has my head spinning  , OK as SpaceRat2k used this card to run NeXTSTEP on a Apple 2FX  he modded. 

So NeXT and Apple both use 96 pin connectors via NuBus ,

hypothetically Would Dark Matter running in a NeXT Cube  system 8.1 possibly see this expansion card ?.....

It would need a custom cable going from its 96 pin connector to the NeXT back plain 96 pin connector and small enough to use one of the empty expansion bays 3d print a mounting plate.

As apparently it can actually run MAC OS and apparently NeXTSTEP with GURU tweaks fairly sure spaceratey2k may be an alien as in Spock but I'm going with it.

Anyway to simulate the idea in Previous?

Brand New Radius Rocket Accelerator Card 33 MHz 68040 Processor Sealed tempted to buy it but the boxed looks mangled lol New my a**

I'm also seeing a lot of NuBus Video for Macs of that era ,
Vintage Daystar Digital Card Turbo 040
Vintage RasterOps Accelerator Board II (p/n 801) for NuBus Macintosh, 16MB RAM
Vintage Radius Thunder IV GX 1152 NuBus Video & Coprocessor Cards TESTED
Vintage Radius Thunder 24 GT 1152 NuBus Macintosh Video Card Tested & Working

I also took a flyer and bought aIBM PowerPC MCM PPC603e-100MHz CPU 85H1212 Processor Multi-chip Module Rare  US $35.00  I remember hearing someone had one of these running in a NeXT awhile back now obviously 100Mhz , I think the bus on the NeXT Turbo Runs 66 MHz , I probably should by a chemical extinguisher lol no worries. I figured 35 bucks and we have some serious hardware and software engineers on board now lol very old and wise and looking for something to invent.  SpaceRat  may ask his good (retired?) friend M Andresen from some small company Adobe lol to write printer drivers for previous . And an updated TReXTSTEP perhaps as why not attribute to Steve Jobs ; beats hey you kids stay off my lawn. I'm kind of laughing a little , I think it will be OK , no such thing as over qualified in this forum , are we having fun yet.

I ask you all why should we let let Haiku the BeOS update have all the fun as we know NeXTSTEP always was and is still better IMHO.

 Nostalgic Vintage software and hardware stuff rocks .... it is a comfortable set of shoes.

Oh I'm going to bed , it has been a busy week , catching up on a lot of stuff !

Take a look at this thing OMG ,it does black and white huh SuperMac Thunder/24 Nubus Video Card for Apple Macintosh 68K / PowerPC 1991
the question is can any of these old cards run on NeXT computers via a software port or probably just go with new stuff ike Yusekeito Verilog projectt on out forums...., we need horse power , we want to drop a Hemi in our NeXT 68K boxes ....
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Quote from: Rob Blessin Black Hole on January 26, 2024, 04:29:36 AMSo NeXT and Apple both use 96 pin connectors via NuBus
Unfortunately, this is where the similarity ends. The NeXT version of NuBus runs at 2.5x the speed of Apple's implementation and has a number of additional differences which are described in appendix A of the NextBus Specification.