Starting App when loging in?

Started by wlewisiii, February 11, 2024, 07:56:30 PM

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I found a dock extender in the Nextfiles archive called Fiend. It makes the dock bigger, starts the screen saver, etc. Neat app. I'd like it to run every time I log into the "Me" account.

But I am failing to accomplish this.

.login doesn't fire off unless I open a terminal
/etc/rc.local doesn't work either.
Can cron do an arbitrary job at login in Nextstep 3.3?



The section "Customizing Login and Logout" in chapter 9 (System Startup and Shutdown) of the NeXT System and Network Administration manual describes how to set a Login Hook - A script or application that runs when anyone logs in.

I think this could be used to start the dock extender, though I cannot see how to customize this to start the extender only for a specific user.


That would be fine. I didn't think that the login hook could be any arbitrary application so I didn't try that. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!


Hi @wlewisiii , maybe I get you wrong, but if you just want to auto-start an application after login into NeXTStep, the best way I know is, to add the app(s) to the Dock and set it/them to "autostart" in the Workspace preferences:



Quote from: nuss on February 12, 2024, 04:13:08 AMadd the app(s) to the Dock and set it/them to "autostart" in the Workspace preferences
Oh whow, I'm using NeXTstep for almost 30 years and didn't know about this... thanks!


Thanks for the lesson! That did the trick.