Started by pomosapien, April 12, 2022, 07:42:21 AM

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86box emulates a variety of old x86 hardware, some of which have corresponding drivers.
Performance is pretty good, except for networking, which may mean the emulation is merely too accurate.  :P
It works better for me in the Intel case than VMware Player or Virtualbox, which have broken devices.

So far I have tried a Pentium 166 and I'm sure I'll try to clock it higher.  The above is from an experimental build running Apple Silicon native.

ref: https://86box.net


BTW if you're thinking of taking a spin yourself, here is a config that works for me:


I have been able to provide a Previous disk image file directly, so in theory you may not need to go through installation.  I did, and it can/does succeed.


So -- bootable disk images do not come across from Previous.
A disk image for 3.3 is in here:




Sure.  I'm using release 3.11 now:


It removes that rendering problem you see where there is a black bar at screen bottom.

I should post updated images...



 You have no problems with Networking as well?

I'm having trouble with Networking on OpenStep4.2 (intel) installed on VirtualBox on lubuntu (which I will start in another thread).

 I was hoping to install NS3.3 after OS4.2.

 Regards PTek


Hi PTek, I don't get notification for some reason, just saw this... networking is OK, I can reach this site's file area with a CLI web browser for example.


Anybody who has been running the OS this way and would care probably knows this, but: the 86box team has been releasing Apple Silicon native (Universal) builds of 86box for a while now, it's no longer beta.  I'm running the latest 4.0.1 release.  100% emulation speed on a 128MB 200MHz Pentium on an M1 MacBook.