NeXT benchmarks

Started by Nitro, August 12, 2007, 04:07:39 PM

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We're looking to upgrade the benchmark section of the NeXT software archives.  If you know of any NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP compatible benchmarks that we don't have, or newer versions of ones that we do have, please post a link to the files.

I ran Povray on my 33Mhz Turbo Colorstation a while back and it took just under an hour to render the standard skyvase benchmark.



As a comparison.. POV3 skyvase benchmark on:
OS4.2 in VMware for os X. vitrual machine has 256 meg, 4 gig hdd
completed in 16 seconds.  
Host machine is a mac mini, core 2 1.8Ghz 2 gig ram.


16 seconds is pretty zippy.  Just a tad faster than Black Hardware. :)