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Started by krfkeith, August 22, 2007, 04:23:23 PM

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I have a color slab, and a turbo color slab (well it's on the way).  I believe that it has adb peripherals.  My question is if there are any LCDs that work will work with both of them. because I don't have the cash to buy two LCDs for computers I dont use as my main computer.  I have searched the forums but I havent gotten a definate answer.  I can really only afford to pay about $100 but I don't care how big it is.  Are there any that atleasy work with my turbo color.  second are there any adaptors that exist or I could make that would let me use my adb peripherals on the color slab?

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I have a NEC MultiSync LCD 1980SXI monitor. There is one SVGA plug and two DVI plugs.

I think you can conenct 3 NeXT color stations on this LCD panel with the good connectors.