Dimension board 47uF caps

Started by cubist, September 20, 2007, 09:52:09 PM

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While working on this problem, I had my dimension board out for some air cleaning and general inspection.  I noticed that there was some board discoloration around the 47uF caps scattered around.  Looking more closely, the caps look a bit distorted with slightly bulging tops.  I'll probably replace mine but others might want to look at theirs and check on conditions.  I'd like to hear if anyone else finds any problems.


Can you supply a photo?
This I must see.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


Quote from: "pentium"Can you supply a photo?
This I must see.

I don't really do digital photography so this will be a challenge even
beyond the fact that the discoloration is somewhat subtle (the bulging
is less so).  I also looked at my spare Turbo board today and I see
some of the same problems with the 47uF caps there as well.  I
looked at my even older non-Turbo '040 board and the 47uF caps
there show no signs of bulging and there's no board discoloration.
I should also mention that the non-47uF aluminum caps are good
on all boards.


It is probably similar looking to this, pentium.


I had a mobo where ALL the caps went bad...
After an apparent 15ish year hiatus... I'm baaaaack! :D (12/12/2023)


Thanks for the heads-up!

I've had my fill of failed
electrolytics in monitors,
now I know to be on the
lookout for them on Cube



Quote from: "helf"It is probably similar looking to this, pentium.

It's not as extreme as that or the other rounds of bad caps that have
come out of China.  No electrolyte globs.  But it doesn't look quite
normal, either.


Tried with my particularly nasty little throw-away camera and
absolutely no details came through.  Really need a macro setup
for what I want to do...