Fan in 21" display?

Started by urbanape, February 14, 2006, 01:23:35 PM

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Has anyone cleaned/replaced the fan in a 21" display? I know enough about CRTs to greatly fear anything inside, but I'm wondering if the fan in it is away from the capacitor that can cause death, dismemberment, and a really bad hair day.

While I dream of hooking up a swank LCD to it (I even received the adapters), I certainly think the 21" display is a nice looking beast (though the geometry is a little off)



I've never done a fan in the 21" NeXT/Hitachi or had the back of one.  However I've had a Fimi and a 17" Sony Megapixel apart, as well as a AppleVision 1710av and an 850av.

I avoided any large capacitors like the plague as well and also avoided the gun at the back of the tube.  You can discharge the caps using something like a 10 ohm 5 watt resistor and leave it hooked in the cap for a minuet.  You can also discharge the gun by poking a probe under the red boot and discharging to ground.

You should be able to carry out a few tweaks to the position of the picture, there is also a focus control and also some kind of power adjustment for brightness/contrast.  You'll find the focus and power on a black rectangular shaped box with two "top hat" shaped knobs.  The rest might be little cap screw things mounted an PCB's here and there, be sure to mark the position up before you twist them in case you loose the pic and don't know what the control is for.

If you need I have most Apple Display Service manuals and that will give you a pretty good idea of what to do.

However as you seem to understand you can kill yourself or at least get a nasty wallop of one of these.

PM me if you want a Apple service manual or two to get you started.

The 21" NeXT is a mighty cool monitor IMHO, I have two of them and I think the picture is real nice, it's well made bit of kit.  The Klingon Grey SGI monitors look nice and work a treat on NeXT's.  That the pity with NeXT monitors is that they're not multi-sync.
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