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LCD Panels

Started by fchixon, October 15, 2007, 05:29:14 PM

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I have had hit or miss luck with LCDs and the ND board.  Dell 20 inch Widescreen ones work fine (1680x1050).  Samsung 20 inch 1280x1024 will not work using the VGA or component inputs.  A Gateway XHD3000 won't either.  

It seems that published monitor specs don't cover enough info to determine if one will work or not.  I presumed anything with enough dots would work fine, but the odd sync rate seems to throw them off.    Eventually, it will be hard to find anything current to work with old systems.

Any ideas on which brands in general work (ViewSonic, Sony, Dell, etc)?  Or will it be a model by model search within those ones people get to work?

My other guess is that there are so few ND machines running these days that there will not be any general info.
25 mHz 040 Cube 64mb
NeXT Dimension 32mb
NeXTStep 3.3 and OpenStep 4.2


From a posting in Black Hardware, I picked up one of these for my ND.  It's a really old LCD monitor at this point but it's exceptionally functional.

I picked up one of these for my NextDimension and this looks very good.  While my LCD has the same designation, the steps I went through were a bit different:
  • Power up system and monitor.
  • Hit 'Exit' to get to OSM display.
  • Select Tab '9' and set resolution to 1120 by 832.
  • Select Tab '7' then 'Expansion Mode' and turn off all expansion.
  • Select Tab '4' and select the 'Auto Adjust' function.  Monitor will fiddle with frame and it should be correctly centered.
  • There's also a 'Fine' control to adjust positioning to help get rid of any text blur.[/list:o][/color]

    Yes, there's a lot of black border with that but the text imaging is the best I've seen on an LCD so far.  The NEC is quite a good monitor.