Painted Macs A Sampling of my work...

Started by Harbourmaster, November 13, 2007, 01:55:45 PM

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After reading the discussion the other day about painting the faceplates on dvd drives being used in Cubes I thought I would post some pics of a few of the Macs I have painted.
The first thing I did when I found out about the "new" Krylon Fusion for plastic paint upon it's release a few years ago (2003?) was to give it a durability test by painting up an Apple Adjustable Keyboard that I was using at the time. I found the only place in town and bought a single can of the Green paint. I completely disassembled the keyboard and washed it thoroughly in basic dish soap & hot water and then let it sit for two days to dry before starting to paint. Once I had sprayed all of the pieces I let them sit for 5 days to cure before I reassembled everything. While I waited for the paint to cure I decided to do something with the keys as well but didn't want to paint them and lose the printed letters on the keycaps! I decided to try dying them using  RIT brand fabric dye and it worked a treat!! Here are some pictures of the completed keyboard. It has held up quite well over the years and has hardly a mark on it today. (sorry no recent pictures of it)

You can see in this picture that I missed one edge that shows!!

After using the keyboard for a month or so I was satisfied the the paint was durrable and wasn't going to flake or peel off so it was on to something bigger!

I had a couple of really badly yellowed SE/30's so I figured I would give them a go. First I did one in Satin Black that I dubbed "Stealth"

And as you can see I even painted up the keyboard, mouse & a Zip drive to match!

Next up was a project to put the guts from a G3/333 iMac who's CRT had expired into an old IIci case. This one served as my iTunes server for a while.

Even the speakers were installed!

Next up was another SE30 this one in a Satin White color to mimic the new White iMacs...

For this one I used the same RIT dye method to make the Keycaps a nice Charcoal gray color for some contrast.

And this is my latest victim an iBook G3 that was severely abused!

This thing had huge scrapes and gouges all over it included on the wrist wrest and screen surround! I had to sand the hell out of it to get it smooth enough for the paint to hide most of the damage.

Unfortunately shortly after reassembling the iBook it suffered the well documented video chip failure and so it's sitting on eBay right now looking for a new home...

I hope I didn't blow out the bandwidth here putting all of these pictures up but perhaps this will inspire some one here for a new project!!!!


Nice job, and thanks for the pics.

I especially like the blue ibook, as it is my favorite color, and the white apple keyboard with the grey keys.



They all look awesome.  :D   I think you should put AU/X on the black SE/30.  Then it'll be running *NIX & have Mac OS as well. Makes me want to dig out my SE/30 again & fire it up.  It's been quite sometime.  It's got AU/X loaded on it as well as OpenBSD.  Thanks for sharing the pics.  Take care.


Wow, really a nice job You did! I´m still thinking about modifying my SE/30 somehow as long as it´s display went over to my Mac Plus and its fetching dust until now...



nice but I think this one made more interesting paintings with macs


That Mac with the two Steves is neet but it looks like none of the Macs he has painted are working, they are just canvases for his painting...




I have one Quadra 700 case, if anybody want for modification