Postfix-2.0.20 Package or Manual Setup?

Started by kb7sqi, November 19, 2007, 09:39:10 AM

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Hi all,
  I need an answer on how you would like this bundled/packaged.  If you used my older postfix setup, you'll know that I modified the MacOSX version of the auxillary setup files to make a custom setup/install for NeXT systems.  Which includes running 2 scripts before actually installing postfix itself.  One script makes a backup of your original sendmail binaries/netinfo and the other adds the required users for postfix to work correctly.  So, here's my question, would you prefer a package that does this completely for you prior to the package install or would you like me just to make an archive of the quad-fat binaries so you can manually configure/install postfix by yourself?  The question basically comes down to do you trust my scripts to mess w/ your system :?   hehe.  I have postfix installed & running on all my systems & they were setup the same way,  but I'm wanting opinions before I make a package.  The archive will be available in the ns3.3_quadfat directory shortly.    Take care.