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finally got it :)

Started by slomacuser, November 23, 2007, 08:05:38 AM

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:D as red on other posts, this is not complete set, it is only for PPC with third party demos ...


Actually I would think that that set of CDs would be a pretty good set to have. Grabbing a PowerPC system that supports that version is pretty easy these days. The only thing you are really missing at this point is the Blue Box CD, which would give you a pretty complete view of early Rhapsody (though the first version of Blue Box wasn't nearly as stable as later versions).

And you have the media, which is what is really the collectable aspect of all this these days!



thx  :)

anyway the specs are 8500, 9500 PPC, it didnt work on my UMAX pulsar (9500), probably because of graphic card

and I didn't found any screenshots of DR1 only DR2